Sunday, March 21, 2010

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A post asked a list of their advertisers been compiled? We are working on a list which we will publish once compiled. We now have a link on the home page to start compiling these advertisers. We could use some help. If you can help post the media source and advertiser in the comments section on that page.


  1. We have to boycott the socialist media, and all of their sponsors need to receive letters in the hundreds of thousands explaining that we will no longer be able to buy their products because we have to save every dime we can for taxes and travel expenses to India for our healthcare needs.

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  3. Good luck with that.

  4. Nuts are just that: Nuts.

  5. Has a list of their advertisers been compiled? In addition to contacting the media, I'm thinking contact directly with their advertisors might have a bigger effect.after all, the media has yet to listen to us! But their advertisers have a bigger stake! After all, they want our business and their paying the media to promote their products! Let's request they choose more responsibly?!


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